Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mural Poems About Our School Community

By Mark M

White and blue

You know

It’s school.

Fun Sunny Days.

Life is great.


Fly and no flies.

By Yomira B.

Books are

Good resources

For reading

Also in a book

You can find

A lot of




The Cars

by Carlos G.

Cars remind me

of school allot.

My mom always drops me off at

The parking lot.

When I play tops there’s always

Cops. When I get in trouble

I can make a fround, but then

I look around.

Los Libros

By  Sarah R.

When I think of my school I think of learning, because I love writing.

I thought a book with a pencil would have been a good idea.

When I see it with the other drawings it would look nice.


Transferring Our Ideas to the Mural Design


By Jasmine A

Recycling makes the world more clean, and it makes the grass and trees more green. You can recycle glass and cans, but it’s hard work so you’ll need a fan. You could give your old to a charity shop if they don’t fit you anymore. Kids or adults can recycle, oh yes you can recycle your old bicycle.

Earth Needs Peace

By Adriana C.

In my home sweet home.

You head bombs and gun’s

War has begun by now

You look or come from

Thousands of people die because

Earth has no peace.

Earth needs peace for us

To be friends with everyone.



By Myranda

Peace is about equality

Peace represents harmony,

Peace also represents respect

Peace can be allot of different things.


Reading a Book

By Diana

Reading a book is fun.

It’s helpful for everyone.

You can learn by reading

A book.

You can study with it.


Mexican Flag

By Rafael

The Mexican flag is cool

Americans say it’s a fool

I say the Mexican Flag rocks

They say it sucks,

Then I call all Mexicans

To make friends up.

Love poems

By AnaLizeth

I love my friend she

Went away from me

There is nothing more to

Say my love poem ends

Soft as it began I love

My friend.


My School

By Crystal

The sky is pretty,

The starts are bright,

I love the world

and also night.

My friends and I have fun

All day at school.


 Priming Our Wall

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